The Bank Boss™ Terms and Conditions

By checking off the  "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions" box, I HEREBY WAIVE AND RELEASE Limor Markman Consulting Inc. pertaining to the set matters below: 

I understand that  I expressingly and willingly agree to assume complete responsibility for any and all risk associated with any future investment strategies taught through The Bank Boss™ Course and by Limor Markman Consulting Inc. 

I understand that the content of Courses, Mentoring, Strategy Calls and Coaching Programs designed and delivered by Limor Markman Consulting Inc or any of its Independent Contractors has been developed for educational and informational purposes only. 

I understand that Limor Markman Consulting Inc will provide guidance and explanation on investments I choose to explore or invest in. Furthermore, Limor Markman Consulting Inc or any of it’s Independent Contractors will not make an investing decision on my behalf or steer me into partaking into any investment. Any investment decision I make will be made on my own accord. 

I understand that it is my responsibility to seek professional advice on any investment. In the instance that Limor Markman Consulting Inc introduces me to a professional, it is up to me to ensure that professional is a good fit for my needs. Limor Markman Consulting Inc shall not be held liable for any advice or guidance provided by a licensed professional even if an introduction was made. 

I understand that Limor Markman Consulting Inc. shall not be held liable for any investment decisions or any other actions I take based on information contained in the Coaching Program.

I understand that inside The Bank Boss™ Course there may contain affiliate links where Limor Markman Consulting Inc may earn a small commission at no cost to me.